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* JUNE 2017
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Valeriya is still waiting for the invitation from the Moscow hospital for the operation, which was originally scheduled for May 2017. We will keep you posted as soon as the new date is known.

* APRIL 2017
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It does not or does not get the world news, but in Donetsk (where Valeriya and her parents live), bombs are often dropped, sometimes with civilian victims. This city, which was very prosperous and economically active until the war, is still suffering enormously by the military conflict that has emerged in Ukraine unexpectedly in 2015.

This situation is also felt for the treatment of Valeriya. It is very difficult to get the necessary medication, many doctors fled the city and have not returned and hospitals have to row with the few belts they currently have more. Life in the city has also become significantly more expensive.

Thanks to our action, it was happily possible for Valeriya's mother to go to Moscow with Valeriya for a second opinion (another hospital, other doctor) about a possible new back surgery. Unfortunately, the verdict was again disappointing for Valeriya and her mother: a new operation is advised because this operation is considered to be too risky. It means that all salvation must now be expected from an intensive rehabilitation program. In the first days after her return from Moscow, Valeriya has been harder than ever before, according to her mother. And that's good news again (that's why she does not give up the courage)
In the hospital in Moscow, the urinary tract problem was again investigated. This requires an urgent operation and is scheduled for late April 2017. But this news also has a bright spot, but it is good hope that this operation will not only solve the acute aspect of the problem, but will also permanently improve this problem. .

That surgery and medical aftercare and testing, at the end of April 2017, will cost 93,000 rubles (1550 €) and will be paid with the funds gathered by the Walk-Walk action. The same applies to travel and subsistence expenses for the transfer of Donetsk to Moscow (estimated at 250 €).

At the beginning of May, we will keep you informed of the outcome of the operation.
On behalf of www.walk-walk.com and Valeriya and her parents, thanks again to anyone who has supported or supported the action so far. Without your help, Valeriya did not stand as far as she is today, in her attempt to realize her dream: learning and living independently.

* 25/12/2015
2015 was for Valeriya and her parents a year of hope and in the end also some disappointment. 2016 should bring back extra hope.
When the war in eastern Ukraine in the first half of 2015 (after more than 5000 fatalities by bombs, shells and bullets of the Ukrainian government army on the one hand and the sympathizers of a more independent eastern region on the other hand) finally something began to subside, hope for  Valeriya and her parents that they could take the next steps in the surgical treatment.
With resources of the Fund www.walk-walk.com and with the help of the Russian Ministry of Health (permission to get an examination and treatment in Moscow at low-cost, volunteers who helped with transportation from Donetsk to Moscow, etc .. ), Valeriya and her mother went to a hospital in Moscow for extensive studies in preparation for back surgery.
At the end of a two-week stay, full of sophisticated tests, followed -after interdiscplinary consideration of the doctors- the verdict that could succeed a back surgery, but the operation does also particularly high risk of serious complications if surgery would not be 100% would successfull. A tough decision to make so, for Valeriay's parents ... And the news also brought a sense of disappointment, of course.
There was also advised to check whether another specialized hospital in Moscow, could do more.
Because Valeriya's mother, meanwhile, is also working again (to help support the family), after two weeks stay in Moscow, there was no possibility anymore to arrange appointments at the second hospital. So Valeriya and her mother returned to Donetsk. Meanwhile Valeriya practices further at home as part of her rehabilitation. in 2016 they will get with the help of www.walk-walk.com also new orthopedic shoes, because they are urgently needed, according to the doctors.
After some disappointment at the end of 2015, should bring new hope for 2016 Valeriya. In the spring of 2016 Valeriya's parents will explore the possibility of re-entering Moscow. In parallel, www.walk-walk.com will investigate in Belgium whether in other places in the world there are other  specialists as weel, who can / want to help in the specific case of Valeriya.
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Generous donors brought in 2014 and 2015 in total already 3 375.06 €  for www.walk-walk.com who wants to try to help to fullfill the dream of 12-year-old Valeriya : to independently steps and life. The action in 2015 received no less than € 701 in donations. Thanks again to all the generous donations. The campaign will run in 2016 and continues till the ultimate goal is pursued relentlessly. In 2016 the action will also receive financial support of little www.speelgoedbeurs.com and www.myarty.net

- 19/10/2015: After months of waiting, Valeriya parents have received the message around October 10 to Valeriya on October 19, 2015 is expected in the Moscow hospital for the next step of her treatment. Valeriya and her mother have been arrived safely.

- 13/06/2015: After more than a year of war in Ukraine, and not least in Donetsk, Valeriya and her parents try to resume the rehabilitation and operations. Life in the city was then heavily disrupted and rehabilitation therapists who escorted her were not in the city anymore, or didn't go to the houses of their patients anymore, due to the war. The family also has long shared life with other families in shelters.
Only in late May 2015 circumstances did finally allow to travel to St. Petersburg for the next operation.
That operation (adjusting the metal screws in the leg) was successful.
Next step is surgery on the urinary tract. That will happen in Moscow.
* 10/05/2014: rehabilitation is heavy but progressing in the right direction. Both feet are straight and not slanted.
Valeriya was already out for a walk (with a walker). In a video on this site you can see her practicing.

* 30/03/2014 : Valeriya is back home after visiting the hospital in St.-Petersburg (where gypsum has been removed and to
receive her orthopedic shoes for the night) and after a trip to Kursk (also in Russia) to have her orthopedic shoes for the day.
As from now on Valeriya has to train every day to try to make her first steps. It's hard of course, because her muscles are weak after all those years of immobility.
*on 17/03/2014 Valeriya will have to return to St.-Petersburg again, to remove the gypsum and to measure and buy her orthopedic shoes for the night. Afterwards she will have to travel to Kursk (Russia), where ortophedic shoes for day, will be made.
* 14/02/2014 : Valeriya needs to try to stand up regularly on her own legs (in gypsum)  -as first phase of the long revalidation period- to start training her muscles again and to prepare to walk again (with stick).
* 07/02/2014 : Valeriya and her parents are back home from St.-Petersburg. Gypsum and metal plates have been removed and have been   replaced by new gypsum and by metal screws. Doctor's have stated that Valeriya's evolution is going the right way.
* 02/02/2014 : Valeriya and her parents have left for St.-Peterburg for the medical evaluation of the operation + and to replace the gypsum
* 02/01/2014  :
After a trip by train of 1,5 days (Sint-Petersburg to Donetsk) Valeriya is back home from hospital after first operations.
Here both feet and legs are in gypsum until February, when she needs to go back to Sint-Petersburg for 1) removing the gypsum
and the metal plates which now make here feet and legs grow in the right position 2) check-up of her evolution
3) getting new gypsum which will need to stay until March or April.  She will then also receive two pair of ortopedic shoes
(for day / night). Later on -if everything goes well- she can have her (next) operation for hydrocephalus in Moscow.

2003 - JUNE 2013

• Valeriya’s parents have been trying to help their daughter for many years, after she has been diagnosed with congenital spina bifida, lower flaccid paresis with severe violation of the pelvic organs, and with hydrocephalus. They have been trying to do everything possible for her :

• they have been visiting many hospitals around whole Ukraine, and saw many doctors but after having few operations Valeriya has not been getting better.

• when Valeriya was just a month old she had an operation on her back.

• later she’s had an operation on her hips, Valeriya had to wear gypsum for a long time but it didn't help and after a while her hips came back to the same, wrong position.

JULY 2013
• eventually Valeriya's parents were lucky to find the right hospital in Russia, Saint Petersburg which is specialized on cases like Valeriya’s one. It's the FEDERAL STATE INSTITUTION “Pediatric Orthopedic Research Institute named after G.I. Turner of Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation” (196603, Pushkin town,Outpatient Department: 64-68 Parkovaya Str.,  tel. 79 318-54-54, fax +79 451-57-61). After the first examination in Saint Petersburg hospital a doctor has given them a hope that after few operations on her feet and hydrocephalus Valeriya will be able to walk independently using a stick. It’s getting very hard for her parents to look after Valeriya, she is growing up and it’s hard for them to lift her, and for her as a 10 years old girl, to have a normal life.

according recent medical recommandations from that hospital in Saint Petersburg, Valeriya’s needs a surgical treatment (3rd category of difficulty : arthrosis of articulations of feet – bilateral; right-side and left-side). And it’s better to do such operation now while she is still developing. After that operation Valeriya will need to wear special orthopedic shoes to keep her feet straight and she will be able to walk.

• as Valeriya and her parents are citizens from Ukraine, they have to pay all medical costs in Russia, without any financial compensation from the Ukrainian state. There is no other option available in that region, as the only hospital which is specialized on such cases and can do such a special operation, is located in Russia.

so Valeriya’s parents have booked her operation and first phase revalidation in Saint Petersburg, between December 13
th and the 29th 2013. They have put all their life's savings to make financially possible, this operation of Valeriya's feet, but these operations in Russia are so expensive that even their lifelong savings are not enough to pay everything...

with our help we can gather the necessary funds for all Valeriya's operations, revalidation and all medical accessories she will need.. Finally she will also need an opeation in Moscow to solve a problem with the bladder, caused by the medical history of Valeriya (in medical terms: hydrocephalus). After the necessary checks in Moscow Valeriya will have an operation of the hydrocephalus.

Valeriya's parents are very hard working people, with average Ukrainian wage, so they can’t afford to pay for everything themselves. They are not residents of Russia and costs for operations, tickets and other expenses for them as her parents to stay in Russia and support their child are high.

2014 - 2015
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